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What is traditional acupuncture?

Traditional Acupuncture is primarily an approach to human health that treats the patient as a whole, beyond the only symptoms.

This approach allows us to understand modern western diseases and treat them effectively, according to an old proven physiological design, different from the contemporary western medical approach.

It relates to physiological disorders of all kinds, as well as organic locomotor or mental.

This approach is based on traditional principles of Chinese Energetics that stand anatomical and physiological knowledge of modern Western medicine:

     Yin Yang
     5 Elements
     the Zang Fu (organs and viscera)

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Energetics combine perfectly to modern health professions: Doctors, Physiotherapists, Midwives, Nurses, Osteopaths Étiopathes, Chiropractors, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Naturopaths, Phytotherapists ...

What the FFETC?

The F.F.E.T.C. is the French Federation of Traditional Chinese Energetics. It represents the Traditional Acupuncture Practitioners in non-physicians.

The F.F.E.T.C. is an association law of 1901, created in 1982, whose goal is to bring all defense groups or the promotion of Energy and Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. These practitioners French professionals and corporations working in a unified and harmonious approach to the promotion of non-physicians.
It defends the model of the Traditional Acupuncture, prior to China's reforms of 1958 which is based Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and the use of tools and complementary techniques, moxibustion, cupping and massage. It excludes any use of Chinese medicines and herbal medicine.


Why a new federation?

  That practitioners are Doctors or not, FFETC wants to be their representative and the main contact with the authorities and health professions organizations.

It is important now more than ever, to assert the existence of Acupuncture and Traditional old, that is to say energy. If the story moves towards recognition of the profession of Traditional Acupuncturist, including non-physicians, it should take into account above all the practitioners themselves.

The FFETC considers that freedom of exercise and patient selection for non Acupuncturists Traditional Doctors can not, and should not be started.

  The F.F.E.T.C. essentially pursues three objectives:

     Maintain the practice and teaching of Traditional Acupuncture
     Federate practitioners and students of this discipline
     Maintain a dialogue with stakeholders and other federal bodies representing health approach in seen to be recognized and protected in our profession.